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January 3rd, 2010

Bat man is busy right now! We are removing bats from all of the above areas right now, in fact I call them my Christmas bats, because I am able to help pay for my children’s Christmas every year due to these critters and my job to control them is in demand.From Slidell to Destrehan, the North shore to the South Shore – we remove bats and we clean up the guano.We are Louisiana’s number one bat removal company – we do the best job and guarantee our work. We do not inlfate prices or over charge, we understand you may be concerned about costs and we are willing to work with you.Ask us about our past bat removals, we have surely removed bats in your area before! We can give you a written estimate on the spot and our initial inspection will be as complete as possible.
I have removed more bats this year than any year previous. I guess the cold winters up north have caused a huge migration south, and with many of them being lost due to the white nose syndrome that is perplexing scientists some might welcome the bats. Most people however are not that happy with looking out of their second story window to see bats flying around the outside of their house or hearing scratching in the walls!If you are one of those people who hear scratching, or see bats flying around the attic or on the outside of your vent be sure to call a professional like Parker Wildlife Control. If he cannot help you he can help you find a qualified expert in your area! Call 504-338-7517 Today or visit his website at LOUISIANA BAT REMOVAL

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