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Get to know Dead Leaf Echo

January 5th, 2010

Trying to continue to blog while out here in Seattle enjoying the rain and the sights. This was the very first press release I got in 2010, so I decided that they deserve a post out of sheer work ethic.

Dead Leaf Echo is out of my new adopted city, Brooklyn, and they have a new album coming out called Truths this year. They just recently released a 7 inch through Custom Made Music with the song Half Truth on the A side that is a teaser for the before mentioned album. And, if you don’t know, now you know; but a good way to stir up press for an album is to get someone to remix a single before it comes out, so that is where this post comes in. Dead Leaf Echo have gotten John Fryer from 4AD to give their single Half Truth a sexy new ambient vibe.

MP3: Dead Leaf Echo – Half Truth (Fryer Remix)

MP3: Dead Leaf Echo – Half Truth

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