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Thanks for the email Daddy Lion

January 7th, 2010

This is what happens when you get up and email me. I usually will blog about it. Of course you have to be good or at least above average. Daddy Lion sent me their band camp website and I listened to the song below, Divine, and right away said I have to get this out there. They have a Kings of Leon vibe going on, which is a totally good thing. They don’t sound like what I usually expect out of Washington DC, but then again the bands that pop in my head out of DC are Fugazi, Bad Brains and Thievery Corporation. They don’t have the political backbone that the before mentioned acts have, but their stripped down rock are a sound that I traditionally like. I would love to hear them after a good producer gets a hold of them.

MP3: Daddy Lion – Divine

Head to their Band Camp to get their debut EP for free.

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