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January 7th, 2010

I spend a LOT of time with my little girls. I say little, but they are creeping up on me like old age. They are 9 and 12 now, little young ladies they are getting to be so fast. Whenever I think of them I start to wax poetic until they start screeching at each other and I start having flashbacks of my own childhood with my sisters. I was the oldest of 2 then 3. By the time Baby Sis was born I was in high school and living elsewhere so I was a visitor with her. My Middle Sis got to play both Baby Sis and Big Sis and can tell you without a doubt, being the baby is best.

I digress.

I love being with my girls. They are hysterical. They have wonderful personality and are able to express themselves wonderfully. Sometimes I think back on the conversations we have and they just make me proud of the little women I am cultivating – like orchids – beautiful and strong – or maybe dandelions, stubborn too! They can speak on a TON of different subjects and are comfortable in adult situations as well as with kids. Sometimes I think they like talking to adults more, sometimes. As a friend of mine has told me, my kids are not like real kids. They are just short people. He is not a kid person, but likes mine. That makes me happy.

We have most of our long conversations in the car, like so many families these days, but they can be from Feminism and the Right to Vote to the Catholic Church, so Disney Lameness, to boys, etc. These last 2 years of homeschooling have really helped me get closer to them. Being with them 21/7 really helps, too(I work 3 hours a day). (Sorry I had to Pause to scream at my child. I just said, “I am the mother and I said so!” Yes. I really did.) I knew my kids before, but not like now. I really know them now. And it helps that I like them. That is a good thing. You love your kids, but you don’t always like them. I like my kids. We share movies, plans, all kinds of things, but also treasure our separate time.

As a matter of fact, my daughter wrote a 2 page essay on “initiative”. She fought me for 2 hours that it couldnt be done. Not only did she do it, but she did an awesome job of it. I was so proud. She is a great person.

Ahhh, my daughters. They give me grays, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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