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Taste:A Slice of twenty-Something Life in Nola

January 14th, 2010  6 Comments

Host Aura “Fedora” Shannon talks to playwright Gabrielle Reisman about “Taste”, a concept play presented by The Nola Project, and also about life and love in America’s most complicated city. For more info on Taste, go to www.nolaproject.comPhoto courtesy of The NOLA Project. Gabrielle and I had a great discussion about changes to the current social landscape in New Orleans and about some of the

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  •   Aura_Fedora     0   Posted 2095 days ago 

    Maybe I can get the ball rolling on some discussion here? I thought it was interesting how Gabrielle brought up the topic of social media philanthropy groups and the "party with a purpose" crowd. One subject that I didn't touch on in the interview was that this is by no means a phenomenon new to New Orleans or merely the most socially elite or young. We can trace the histories of the Mardi Gras krewes back over the last century to see that "social aid and pleasure clubs" have taken on a variety of adopted causes and charities. In a sense isn't it the same mentality in a more contemporary package? Who agrees and who disagrees? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  •   MitchMuses     +1   Posted 2095 days ago 

    I need to read the original post you are commenting on. But to comment on your comment, I think the cocktail of social and cause has always been a part of the local culture. For the rest of the country to catch on now is just how things work around here. We are pegged as being backwards but in reality we are trend setters.

  •   Aura_Fedora     0   Posted 2094 days ago 

    Thanks for your reply, MitchMuses. If you go to the original post, you'll see it's a pod cast and you can click on the media player to hear the full interview.
    Are we really trend setters, or is that kind of philanthropy old-fashioned? I think in many ways, New Orleans was ahead of the rest of the United States socially, and at the same time, behind.(for example, women owning property) Maybe this is an attribute of European cultures carried over here.

  •   humidhaney     0   Posted 2094 days ago 

    Once again:

  •   Aura_Fedora     0   Posted 2089 days ago 

    I just got word from The Nola Project that they're running a special for closing weekend of "Taste". $5 off ticket price with code NOLATASTE
    Last chances to see it are today and tomorrow!

  •   Aura_Fedora     0   Posted 2089 days ago 

    OOps, ticket link