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GASP + Better Bodies + USA = Fit Gear Republic

January 18th, 2010

For all of us hardcore fitness and bodybuilding athletes, gym attire matters. Before stepping into the gym we need to feel comfortable with the clothes we wear; some people like to wear baggy clothes and some like to wear tight, revealing clothes. Let’s face it, virtually none of us just throw on clothes that aren’t comfortable to hit the gym in; just doesn’t happen.  The bottom-line is, the more comfortable you feel, chances are the better your training session will be; look good, feel good = train great.  Not too long ago I discovered GASP and Better Bodies clothing; Swedish-made fitness & bodybuilding attire through a company called Fit Gear Republic (FitGR). This stuff has huge appeal to the fitness industry worldwide and over the last few years it’s slowly becoming more visible in the United States.

Wade Warren, CEO of FitGR, and I ended up meeting through Facebook. FitGR has developed a fairly large web presence, to include Twitter and MySpace, where fans and customers can easily communicate and stay up-to-date with them. After getting to know Wade, and learning all about Fit Gear Republic (as well as GASP & Better Bodies) I thought it would be a great idea to spread the word through an interview with Wade.

Nearly everyone who is familiar with bodybuilding recognizes Branch Warren; Branch is the definition of what GASP stands for – extreme, hardcore and intensity:

Q: Thanks for doing this interview, Wade. There seem to be a lot of questions about GASP & Better Bodies now that it’s becoming more mainstream in United States fitness community. I truly hope this interview will shed some light to the this unique product as well as your unique company. For those people who do not know what Fit Gear Republic (FitGR) is, can you please explain it?

Wade Warren: Fit Gear Republic is an online retailer of clothes designed for people, men & women, who consider fitness to be a big part of their lives. We are the Largest Provider of GASP and Better Bodies in the USA. Fit Gear Republic (FitGR.com) was founded in 2007 by me, Wade Warren, in order to provide the brands GASP and Better Bodies to the USA. FitGR is also a brick and mortar “showroom” for the clothes. For locals and visitors to the Dallas, Texas area, it’s a great way to actually see and touch the clothes in person.

Q: What made you decide to start FitGR as a business?

Wade Warren: I’d seen the GASP clothing on athletes in trade magazines and thought it looked so great that I wanted some. I couldn’t find it anywhere in the USA to purchase it. So I created such a place with Fit Gear Republic.

Q: Is there a reason the GASP and Better Bodies line of clothing is more expensive than regular fitness apparel?

Wade Warren: Both of these brands are made by the same company, Swedish Fitness, in Stockholm, Sweden. They design then create the clothes for the specific wants and needs of a particular group of people. And these clothes fill a gap that simply did not used to be filled. A lot of work goes into that process. And it’s done without compromise. The ultimate intent is that these clothes be for only a few… not for everyone. They are just for those folks that understand the value of what GASP and Better Bodies represent.

An issue of REPS Magazine had a great point no so long ago. It talked about the top 10 or so ways of being motivated to work hard in the gym… and reason number 4 was to “Get GASP.” There’s something about this gear that has a tendency to motivate in just the right way.

Q: Do you sell anything other than GASP and Better Bodies apparel?

Wade Warren: On occasion we’ve injected some other brands into the mix. We are about providing our customers with uniqueness, desirability, and great quality. Any brands that stick must follow these guidelines.

Q: Are there any misconceptions of what FitGR is?

Wade Warren: I don’t think so. You see most people find us the first time they do a search for GASP. They’ve seen the clothes on athletes in magazines or on others in the gym… and they find just what they were looking for here. We always maintain the entire assortment of GASP and Better Bodies gear at our online store.

Q: Currently, you only have one store. Is there any intent to expand Fit Gear Republic to other locations?

Wade Warren: We really have a store… everywhere. The beauty of the online store is that it brings all products wherever the shopper is. But as for Brick and Mortar stores go… Yes there is intent to do that. I envision Fit Gear Republic stores in areas of the country where fitness and bodybuilding tend to have concentrations of hardcore fitness people.  Dallas, TX area is just our starting point.

Q: How often do you travel to fitness & bodybuilding venues?

Wade Warren: We do our best to be at the larger national shows such as Olympia and the Europa shows, as well as some of those in and around the Dallas area. We end up doing about 12 shows a year. It’s where our customers are, and it’s a great opportunity for them to see the clothes for the first time in person. They often pick some up there or go back and order what they saw online at FitGR.com.

Q: What is the #1 thing you’d like for people to know about FitGR?

Wade Warren: The single most important message that I’d like for people to know about FitGR is that our priority above all else is for our customers to have the best experience possible. That they can count on us to be on top of the products, the systems that provide them, their orders, and any special needs they have. That they can count on us for Hardcore Customer Service… always. These clothes deserve that kind of backing. That’s what we do.

Thank you so much for the great interview, Wade.  I wish you and your team plenty of success this year as you continue to do great things within the fitness community.  You’ve got a great thing going and I don’t see that changing.  Given the direction Michael Johansson has, I see great things ahead for you.

Well, there you have it folks. If you have any other questions and would like to contact Wade, or his staff, about any other information you can do so by going to the FitGR website; Wade just recently added a new feature to the site that allows people to talk to someone live.

The vision Michael Johansson, creator of GASP and Better Bodies  apparel, has for his clothing line is to stay true to the intent behind his creation – remain unique and continue to uphold the standard of hardcore training.  This brand of clothing represents a lifestyle.

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