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Attack of the Pod-Monsters

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January 21st, 2010  4 Comments

Riddle me this, Humid Beings: Why is New Orleans so phobic of alternative web media? Okay, in all fairness, if you’re reading this, you’re at least newly interested in local-interest web media, so to some degree, I might be preaching to the choir. Since Hurricane Katrina’s disheveled aftermath, we have relied on the power of blogging and social media to stay connected and frankly, just to cope, but it seems like locals are still slow to embrace audio and video blogging and pod casting, particularly of newer local ventures, not so much the national syndicate variety. Many people have some kind of mp3 player, a large number of those same people have Ipods, and how many of those devices now also have video capability? 
I admit that my foray into pod casting came more out of a sort of necessity. The radio station that I once worked for offered re-broadcast pod casts of its shows, and I developed a large part of my following by promoting the availability of these pod casts and soon had a steady following. When I was laid off, it only made sense to continue on as an independent pod cast, though I never would have considered that on my own before then. 
New audio and video technology is making it increasingly more affordable to create quality pod casts. The breakdown of large media companies is making it more difficult for journalists, producers, and personalities to distribute their work. (Not to mention, it seems big networks are getting more and more out of touch with what the general public wants and is interested in. ) So it breaks my heart that, with all of the talented, opinionated, and interesting people we have in New Orleans, we don’t have a bigger and more tight-night community of pod casters. I’m used to being weird, but in a city full of weird people. What’s really weird is that there are so few of us. What’s even more weird is the reluctance of people to listen to a pod cast. 
I’ve heard a number of strange things since I started. Some have been of the opinion that any web content not affiliated with a larger media outlet is not legitimate or involves pirated material. Some are misinformed that they need an mp3 player or an I-pod in order to listen or watch. I hope that I can do some part to change people’s minds in Nola about web media. I hope I can get people more interested in listening to and watching new local web media. And more importantly, if you have an area of expertise or interest that you like to talk about, I hope that you’ll consider pod casting. If you have questions or want help, maybe we can get a group of people to get together to talk pod casting. 
Some good news if you already enjoy using Humid Beings, in the coming months users will be able to plug their pod casts into Humid Beings, or so I’m told. This will make it easier for you to listen, and easier for pod casters to get their material out to the world interested in all things NOLA. Yeah, you rite.  

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  •   MitchMuses     0   Posted 2084 days ago 

    I listen to podcasts in iTunes almost every day. I subscribe to NPR, PBS and some national news feeds. Learn about the world while at work on your own time and not your own dime as it is free.

  •   Aura_Fedora     0   Posted 2084 days ago 

    Someone pointed out You Tube channels. Yes, I do know a lot of people You Tube channels. Some are better than others. Most people I know who have them use them solely as a promotional tool and I see quite a few that are more like diary entries than really about something (some of them excellent, others not so much). I think that part of my point is that the ability to create media that is a viable and consistent alternative to mainstream media is there and is not being utilized to its full extent.
    When I search for my "Video of the Week" , usually via You Tube (unless I use material directly from someone's own web site), I look for most recent videos within the past month and by location and subject matter, so I do see a lot of what's out there. . . for better or for worse.

  •   Aura_Fedora     0   Posted 2084 days ago 

    MitchMuses: that's just it. Most of the content that you're listening to is from national media, which is a good start, but on a local level, I don't think that pod casts are utilized to their full potential.
    You do bring up one of the pros of a program that you can listen to vs. one that you have to watch. We're a multi-tasking nation, and pod casts afford us the ability to listen to topics that we're interested in on our own time and while we are doing other things.

  •   humidhaney     0   Posted 2084 days ago 

    Very soon you will be able to publish podcasts as posts. I would love it if folks used the that tool as I love podcasts as well.

    The MP3 files can be added alone with description, as part of a larger post and attached to a location on a map.