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Twenty-Three Months

January 21st, 2010

Dear Persephone,

You are twenty-three months old today.

Recently your have begun formulating simple sentences, and in the last month I’ve noticed you have begun to issue commands. When you’re seated at the breakfast table, waiting for me to join you, you’ll point to my seat and say “Sit, Dada!” You’ll hand me a book and say “Read it, Dada!” And of course my favorite is when you want me to get out of bed in the morning: “Uppie uppie, Dada!”

A couple weeks ago when I was tucking you in I wished you sweet dreams, and I swear you said, “Sweet dreams, Dada!”

Speaking for dreams, you were having a nightmare a few nights ago and you practically shouted: “Brown shoes! Brown shoes!” I can only imagine what that dream was about. You do have two sets of brown shoes which you love to wear.

And speaking of shoes, just when I thought you couldn’t get any cuter, yesterday my shoe came untied, and you rushed over and said, “Help you, Dada!” Of course you can’t tie a shoelace just yet, but you stuck your finger in there and gave me some moral support. It’s the thought that counts.

Most of all, I continue to be amazed at your sheer joyfulness. Everything is new to you. You take delight in the simplest things, like going for a walk or holding a balloon. And if I take you to the playground you’re practically beside yourself.

It’s infectious.

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