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Baby Alive Dolls Are Scary

February 2nd, 2010

I have a confession… Since I was a child, Baby Alive Dolls scare me. Before you give me some crazy look, let me tell you why. One night, in my kiddy life, I watched child’s play for the first time. It was tad scary, but harmless nonetheless; Until I went to bed…………. (Don’t you love how I added that suspense)

My mom had the idea (I guess for a laugh) to put my “Baby Alive” doll on me.. Yes!!! you heard me right.. As I slept, so peacefully, I felt something crawling on my back. I moved around and saw my doll alive on me. Of course I screamed and pitched it as far as I could, then ran as far as I could to get away.

From that moment on….. I knew the truth about Baby Alive dolls and exactly how alive they are!!! This was also the time I stopped enjoying scary movies.

Look at the doll’s eyes!!! it pees, it does too much. Its Scary….

(This is just my view from my scary perspective.)

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