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How you can support the Digital Media Tax Credit Bill

June 13th, 2009

The digital media tax credit in Louisiana is up for renewal in this legislative session. Senator Ann Duplessis presented SB 277 which has been passed by the Senate and is now in the house. There is a competing bill, but SB 277 is the one I’m supporting. The bill is on the agenda for the House Ways and Means committee for Monday, June 15th.

If you’re in the digital media industry in Louisiana, this bill has the potential to positively impact your business. Want to support it? Here’s what you can do:

  1. First, I encourage you to read the bill in its current form with the revisions that have been made.

  2. Find the state representative for your district on the Louisiana House of Representatives website and click to send them an email.

  3. Send them a quick email saying you support the SB 277 and encouraging them to pass it.

Here’s what I wrote to Neil Abramson. (Feel free to copy/paste):

Dear Representative Abramson –

I am writing you to voice my support for the Senator Ann Duplessis’s SB 277, which is on the agenda for the House Ways and Means committee for Monday, June 15th. I believe the extension of the Digital Interactive Media Produces Tax Credit is good for the state of Louisiana. I am an active member of the technology and entreprenuership community in New Orleans and develop internet projects through my company Voodoo Ventures. There is currently a tremendous amount of energy in the digital media industry locally, and I believe passage of this bill will enable the state to build a thriving industry that provides economic development in a cutting edge industry. I encourage you to support this bill, and I’d be happy to discuss my support further. Thanks.

Best, Chris Schultz

Just a few emails of support for the bill could mean a lot to its passage, and I think the outcome could have a huge for us.

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