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The Greatest Story Never Told?

February 24th, 2010


Larry Flynt is still Bob Livingston’s worst nightmare.

If you had any doubts on the unholy alliance between MegaCorps, Government, and the MSM, let this story dispel those doubts for good.

I’ve been following Edmonds’ story since she first went public and while I’m glad to see she has finally spilled the beans without being arrested (or worse), the frightening picture she has painted and the total media blackout on what could be the largest, treasonous conspiracy in the history of the county has left me rather hollow.

It’s one thing to feel hopeless in the face of the Wall Street/bank bailouts, staggering unemployment, Obama’s broken promises, perpetual war….yada yada yada…..but coming to the realization that elected and appointed officials at the highest levels of our country’s government are quite simply for sale to the highest foreign bidder is beyond disconcerting for me. Compounded with the fact that the 4th Estate has refused to inform us of these traitor’s transgressions, I can safely say that I have no hope left for our country’s integrity.

If our country’s leaders have become so compromised that they’re putting other country’s interests above our own for a payout, if the investigative bodies of our government turn a blind eye to these practices, if our journalistic body complies with special interests and refuses to inform of us of these cancers which plague us….we’re not living in a representative democracy anymore, we’re living in a vile simulacra.

I suppose I will concentrate on my city, as my optimism for it has never been higher…for America, I fear it may be too late.

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