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Something old, something new

March 13th, 2010

Have you ever gone to an antique shop, saw a beautiful yet flawed piece of jewelry and thought “I could do something with that?” I constantly get ideas to rework a piece but my thoughts rarely come to fruition. Jordan of Opulent Oddities has created a business that does exactly this. Based in Florida she is an artist and jewelry designer who works with antique and vintage pieces. Taking cues from the origin of the pieces she recreates them into something wearable and modern yet maintains the pieces original charms. She describes her work as “Opulence, curiosity, sensuality, antiquity, mystery, romance, sophistication”. Antique chandelier crystals, handbag linings, brooches and baubles are just some of the materials she works with.

The recital collar

Staring into the sun necklace

Like Lava earrings

The powder room bracelet

Jordan’s work has been featured in Bust Magazine, a myriad of blogs and can be purchased via Etsy.

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