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Hang-over Week

March 15th, 2010

2/17/10 Wed. 41.4 miles
2/18/10 Thurs. 68.2 miles
2/19/10 Fri. 73.4 miles
2/20/10 Sat. 84.9 miles
2/22/10 Mon. 100.1 miles

I figured with the entire city being hung-over it would be slow but it’s been surprisingly busy. A few conventions have be keeping me moving constantly. Plus, a lot of cabbies took the week off. Although it’s been pretty busy it’s been a boring week.

The highlights.

On Wednesday I picked up a guy from Tommy’s and drove him to Touro Hospital. He diced the tip of his finger off working in the kitchen.
“Oh don’t worry man. I won’t get any blood in your car. I got it all wrapped up good” he said.

Saturday I picked up a guy who was a bartender at a restaurant in the CBD. He told me about how he ends up sleeping with all the cocktail waitresses.
“I’m not kidding you man. I’ve been working there for almost a year and I’ve slept with, lets see… 6 of the 11 cocktail waitresses that have worked there,” he bragged.
“Some of them hate me now though. They warn the new waitresses about me but I think it only helps my game.”

Yup that’s pretty much it.

My sisters best friend was in town with her husband this last week so that was the real highlight. I took them to a few spots that I love in New Orleans. Sunday we got drunk and the rest of the time we ate.


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