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March 16th, 2010

Levee, coastal restoration financing mechanism being built
Mark Schleifstein
~Louisiana officials on Monday took a small step toward issuing bonds to help finance the state’s share of levee and coastal restoration costs based on money the state will receive from offshore oil production after 2016.

Ivor van Heerden Blog’spread
~On Transmigration

Karl Rove tossing rocks at New Orleans from a glass house
~Jarvis DeBerry

“Balance this city”~Eli Ackerman

Mid-City hospital complex land seized by state; former owners plan to sue
~David Hammer

This should be Required Transport to Work for every Elected City Official

Can the British just sail right up the Mississippi River?

Satirical Web site favored in ruling ~Debra Lemoine
AMITE — A Web site that satirizes news can run a fictional story about a giraffe attack at Global Wildlife Center in Folsom, a state district judge ruled Monday afternoon. After a two-hour hearing in the 21st Judicial District Court, state District Judge Beth Wolfe struck down a temporary restraining order signed March 2 that had called for the removal of the story from the site, Hammond Action News.
~Editilla Gotta Toll’ya~Satire? Ha!
Special thanks for the photo to Adam Thinks, who proves statistically, by the Great Google, the World Wide Spread of this Wild Viral Phobia: “Without a doubt, my favorite search of all time is can i make it look good? or am i gonna look like a crazy giraffe with rabies. Not only is that an awesome thing to search for, but I am the number one Google result!”

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