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Martha’s Living Room: Casa Moxie Cre8tive Challenge

March 22nd, 2010

So I’ve been playing along with the Casa Moxie Cre8tive challenge (Thanks Alycia, this was fun!) And our first assignment was Martha’s living room. Martha says:

My living room is so plain.  I have dark brown sofa, loveseat, coffee table, and side tables. My recliner and picture frames are black…With my furniture being so dark and I don’t get much natural light during the day, I’m not sure how to make this room look better.  My dining room is currently red and I’m tired of it.  I was thinking of doing the living room and dining room the same color.  Maybe a similar color as the curtains?

I think we are more a traditional style.  We have kids running in and out of the house, so we don’t want anything formal.  Just comfortable and nice.  I would like the bookshelf to be the focal point when entering my house.  I have several items and photos that represent important things in our lives.

I do photography part time, but haven’t a clue how to arrange them on the wall.

Take a look:

So here’s the Laurel Street solution:

1. Add some light to the hall entrance with these slender buffet lamps & mirror. Console provides additional storage.

2. Update electronics & give the TV wall an architectural focus. Bring daylight into the room by pulling open curtains, adding sheers for privacy. Add some life in the corner with an easy-care living Ficus tree or Areca palm tree.

3. Use kid-friendly fabrics to give the seating area a “traditional” but un-fussy look; micro-fiber recliners, leather sofa and washable rug. Give the lighting some heft with larger table lamps.

4. Tie together a mix of favorite family photos with a variety of coordinated, pre-matted frames.

Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray HC-146

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