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A Taste of My NYC -- Pinkberry Arrives in NOLA

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March 22nd, 2010  2 Comments

Made with high quality, non-fat milk and yogurt, Pinkberry, the tart, low-cal, high-taste, frozen yogurt born in California has finally arrived in New Orleans!

A midday, post-dinner, or late-night treat, I indulge in Pinkberry at least once a day when I’m visiting family back home in the Tri-State area.

Not only is the frozen yogurt low calorie and low fat, it is delicious, and the variety of toppings is extensive, and very unique. Choose from fun cereals, fresh fruit, crumbled Japanese rice cake mochi, shaved chocolate, and or even yogurt chips. Best yet, now you pay a flat price for toppings, and you get as many as you can fit in the cup!

Pinkberry is currently under construction across from Whole Foods on Magazine Street, in the same shopping mall as Chico’s and just down the block from Dirty Coast, and is scheduled to open on April 16, 2010.

This is seriously going to be my new favorite couple blocks in the city. Work at Dirty Coast, lunch at Whole Foods, snack at Pinkberry. I CANNOT WAIT!!


  •   RasheedWallace     0   Posted 2025 days ago 

    Pinkberry is incredible! Much healthier than ice cream and the taste is not even in the same league as other frozen yogurts. Great atmosphere as well. I've only seen them in large cities (NY, LA, Dallas). This is a huge deal that they're coming to New Orleans!

  •   humidhaney     0   Posted 2025 days ago 

    Gold mine for who started that here. Pretty smart.