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  • Thanks Tommy!
    205 days ago

    photo courtesy http://cvunola.orgArtist Lindsey Postaski works on her artwork on the utility box on the neutral ground at Orleans and…

  • A Party You Can Bring A Party To!
    1246 days ago

    What:         Voodoo on the Bayou Where:       Pitot House, 1440 Moss Street on Bayou St. John in New Orleans When:       …

  • June 26
    1736 days ago

    The auction will feature art by local artists James Michalopoulos, Sallie Ann Glassman, Shannon Brinkman, Heather Weathers, Zack Smith, Jeannie…

  • Spirit Vessels to Honor BP dead
    1745 days ago

    Spirit Vessels WHAT: A community art project for the Bayou St John community, to create a space of solace, healing…

  • June Meeting
    1750 days ago

    Please join us at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary cafeteria 3368 Moss Street

  • FSJNA is a 501c3 non-profit
    1757 days ago

  • Cultural Products Newsletter
    1757 days ago

    Click the notice above or HERE to get a PDF of the Cultural Products Newsletter.

  • Town Hall Meeting
    1759 days ago

    Click on either of the photos by Charlie London for a larger view. It was appropriate that stormy weather loomed…

  • Unexpected Visitor
    1763 days ago

    At 4:08 a.m. on Saturday, May 29th, Faubourg St. John received an unexpected visitor. The person had relieved someone on…

  • Free Sago Palm Tree
    1763 days ago

    A large Sago Palm tree similar to the one pictured above is available for free to the first person willing…

  • Neighbor Rescues Baby Heron
    1763 days ago

    Mary-jo Webster reports this baby night heron was rescued by David, Erin and Brandi as they were walking from the…

  • Charlie’s Neighborhood News
    1764 days ago

    Hello Neighbors! Steve Mardon sent in a photo of a van parked near a birds’ nest on Ursulines near North…

    1764 days ago

    Click the invitation for a larger view.

  • Are you ready?
    1765 days ago

    Save the Date - New Orleans Council District C Town Hall Meeting to be held June 1st @ the African…

  • Greek Festival THIS Weekend
    1766 days ago

    The Thirty-Seventh Annual Greek Festival New Orleans! May 28, 29, & 30, 2010 MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND Friday, May 28 —…

  • Bayou Boogaloo THIS Weekend
    1770 days ago

    Great crowd tonight! C’mon out Saturday and Sunday too! Click HERE to see the schedule of all the great LOCAL…

  • Congratulations to Bobby Wozniak
    1771 days ago

    Photo by Charlie London. Click on the photo of Bobby Wozniak to see Bobby’s award. Fortier Park would not be…

  • Car Removed
    1772 days ago

    Recently, a call went out to N.O.P.D., Councilpeople Guidry and Palmer, Faubourg St. John neighbors and various city officials to…

  • Museum City Park Cultural District
    1777 days ago

    The primary goal of the Cultural Districts program is to revitalize communities and contribute to the lives and livelihoods of…

  • Esplanade Crosswalk
    1777 days ago

    The crosswalk in the 3200 block of Esplanade at Mystery is a much-used crosswalk in need of renovation. What you…