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  • time for a trim
    1992 days ago

    It’s time to finally win the battle over free-flying chickens. Time to clip their wings…literally. When just a few wing…

  • gumbo cook-off
    2004 days ago

    Last October, the 2nd Bi-Annual Gumbo Cook-Off was held with much fanfare, and I’m just now getting to post about…

  • the flock’s okay
    2007 days ago

    Well, Evangeline got her first road trip today. Somehow, I got her in the cat carrier and took the trip…

  • “dead chicken”
    2017 days ago

    That’s what I googled. I got home at 5:45pm and, with 15 minutes of daylight left, I discovered Vermillion dead…

  • rest in peace, Vermillion
    2042 days ago

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  • farm fresh eggs
    2049 days ago

    I am now officially a farmer. True, I am a small scale farmer, but if your definition of farmer includes…

  • luffa madness
    2060 days ago

    I planted two little luffa plants way back in August, thinking “I like luffa scrubs. We’ll see what happens.” They…

  • meet chewie
    2110 days ago

    Chewbacca is the newest household member, and he is adorable. Here he is, making himself at home in the chicken…

  • the circle of life (poop)
    2116 days ago

    I’m trying to use everything in the yard to some kind of purpose, and, inspired by permaculture principles, I’ve developed…

  • backyard thanksgivings
    2141 days ago

    What an incredible day in the backyard. Over the last three months, I’ve had a growing list of backyard to-dos…

  • the joy of an egg
    2157 days ago

    Hooray for Evangeline! Our first egg in SIX WEEKS has arrived! Very uncharacteristically, Evangeline greeted me at the fence by…

  • soy problems
    2158 days ago

    Watching Food, Inc. and its field after field of genetically altered soybeans, I said to myself, “My organic soy milk…

  • injured chicken
    2169 days ago

    Yesterday, I woke up to barking in the backyard at 6:00am. Turns out, Vermillion has learned how to bark like…

  • scared chickens, sad julie
    2181 days ago

    It’s been three weeks since the chickens have laid any eggs. I had to BUY eggs last week, something which…

  • oso and the chickens
    2182 days ago

    Oso is enjoying a newfound ease with the chickens. The mesh fence has allowed much more nose to beak interaction,…

  • eggs
    2190 days ago

    Every chicken has her own style egg. Calcasieu and Evangeline lay the blue eggs (which are pretty indistinguishable) but there…

  • snuggle up
    2209 days ago

    Okay… adorable. Posted in chicken

  • fence me in
    2237 days ago

    Benefits of free-ranging: • good eggs • happy chickens Drawbacks of free-ranging: • destroyed vegetables • the possibility of escape…

  • free-ranging
    2251 days ago

    There’s something terrific about watching a chicken be a chicken. Scratching, foraging, running across the yard after another chicken with…

  • another great box from hollygrove
    2257 days ago

    I’ve been cooking up a storm, and mostly things I’ve never made before. Mushroom ragout, grilled portobellos, peach crisp, eggplant…

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