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Swampqueen's info:

Sex: Female
Born in: 1973
Zip Code: 70130

Relationship With New Orleans:
• Native New Orleanian


I was born here. I left briefly to live in another state but then came back when I realized I couldn’t live without New Orleans. I think I like Jazz Fest more than Mardi Gras. I like the heat, I like the humidity. I am a dog person, I own four of them. I spent 10 years as a litigator and 3 years learning how to kickbox.

I live in the LGD but I want to retire in Mid City. I married humidhaney and work for his companies.

I want to travel more, read more and learn more about life. I want to raise a family in this city, the way I was raised with food, music, art and culture. I know NOLA has many flaws but it’s not completely broken.