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    Blog Post  1549 days ago

    Kitchen Kaos

    I have done A LOT of cooking, I think I am somewhere in the 350 range of recipes just on this blog and that only counts the cooking I have done in the last three years. That isn't even taking into account the time I spent in the kitchen before…

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    Blog Post  1560 days ago

    Movie Mayhem

    When the remake of the Cowboy Flick True Grit was initially released, my husband wanted to see it really badly. At the time we had a newborn baby and trips to the movie theater were not on our daily agenda. So, in order to fulfill his desire he did a…

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    Blog Post  1578 days ago

    Farmer's Market Finds

    Forrest and I have been wanting to go to the Crescent City Farmer's Market for a long time now. But since we had Rex, it takes us a lot longer to execute on things like that than it ever did before. We finally made it there after several months of…

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    Blog Post  1583 days ago

    Great Grub Grilling

    Back when we still lived in DC I wrote about condo living and its restrictions on owning a grill. There were so many recipes that I didn't attempt because they required an outdoor grill or had to modify to make them work on our indoor grill. Well now that we…

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    Blog Post  1596 days ago

    Bank Breaking Bacon

    Very often, ingredients inspire my recipe searches. If I have left over herbs or a surplus of a certain meat due to a sale at the supermarket I will search those ingredients in my favorite recipe databases until I come up with the perfect find. This recipe was a result…

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