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    Blog Post  1508 days ago

    RIP Mr. Mosca

    John Mosca, owner of the landmark restaurant bearing his name, dies at 86Peace be with you an your family sir and thanks for all the great food.

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    Blog Post  1511 days ago

    Apple Absentia

    I have a ton of stuff to post....the words are piled up on my office floor so high I can barely wade through them.  In fact I'm so overwhelmed I may call for for a life preserver.  I woke up today and pulled a public records request out of my…

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    Blog Post  1519 days ago

    5 years..

    ...Happy 5th B'day to AZ!  My illegitimate child is still kicking.  I must admit there were times I wanted to abandon it but my embedded Catholic sense of guilt kept me coming back.  I may not have shown it the attention it deserves over the years but I'm still parenting…

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    Blog Post  1521 days ago

    It's official

    I am now...a real life (or lack thereof) zombie.  Wanna know what it's like?  Let's have drinks...we'll talk.

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    Blog Post  1524 days ago

    I ask for your help

    I have a personal project I need help with.  I would really appreciate it if you could click on this link and please like the site:!/pages/Ballard-County-Wildlife-Management-Area/175664515826457...if you're on Facebook.....I grew up on this wildlife refuge and it's currently threatened by political interests, I would appreciate it if you would just…

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