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    Blog Post  830 days ago

    Ikea and laugh.

    I just sent a question to Ikea.  Of course now I think it's funny, because maybe I'm the only one who wants them to put a store closer than Houston or Atlanta.  So here's the body of what I wrote:"Hello.  I am writing to ask something special.  I live in…

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    "Oil spill claims processor hosts Jindal fundraiser"

    I've learned that 60% of Louisiana is willing to shoot themselves in the foot to be on the wrong side of any political discussion. We elect leaders like items on a buffet, we've heard what's good from rumor and what to avoid from innuendo. What I don't know is who's…

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    Blog Post  1894 days ago

    How the wool was pulled.

    Here goes... The Republicans started taking over the language as they did the business schools in the mid 1960's. Lies, distortions, and thievery are their tools of choice. Anyone who has less than $10,000,000 and many who do have no place being represented by them. If you vote based on…

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    Blog Post  1906 days ago

    Politics and oil.

    Tragedy is watching people move the politics to the extremes, as in Fox/Beck and John Boehner on the right and TBA on the left. Obama is a centrist and that's getting harder to be. But even if we defend our borders except for underpaid immigrant labor, jailed every potential criminal,…

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    Blog Post  1908 days ago

    The most 'run' red light.

    Out in the skirts of Gentilly, between the railroad bridge and Franklin Ave. lies a little street called Lafaye. It's a shortcut to turn onto Gentilly Blvd. and a parking spot for the last bit of the trip to St. Joseph School. Most of the time, in fact nearly anytime…

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