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Born in: 2009
Zip Code: 70119

Relationship With New Orleans:
• Native New Orleanian


Autotomii started in neighborhoods and apartment complexes, playing for fans who turned up their TV’s in praise of our improvisational skills. They got surround sound systems, and we realized that the time had come to get a rehearsal space. We strive to stay between playing for wallets and formulating personal masterpieces. Our music is written and rehearsed to entice listener’s ears with multidimensional songs that elicit specific atmospheres. In a live setting, we combine instrumentation with effects to increase tonal possibilities making for a more dynamic, stimulating performance. We play music as if we have our own radio station, airing genre ambiguity. You never hear the same song twice. Autotomii is a real live roller coaster, not a simulator, giving you hair-pin turns, landscapes and the occasional bone-crushing stop! Ahh! >>>Email us at