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    Blog Post  1633 days ago

    A Year After the BP Oil Disaster; A Walk on Mississippi Beaches

    Last weekend I went to Mississippi's Gulf Coast beaches. I arrived just before sunset. Before the light was gone I photographed four dead sea turtles and a variety of other animals--birds, jellyfish, stingray, armadillo and catfish. I walked the beaches on Saturday and Sunday too, exploring different spots from Waveland…

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    Blog Post  1641 days ago

    Dead Kemp's Ridley Turtles Washing up in MS and an Update from Bay Jimmy

    Dead Kemp's Ridley sea turtle spray painted so it wont be counted twice Dead Kemp's Ripley seaturtle in Waveland MSDead Kemp's Ridley Sea turtle in Pass Christina MSDead seaturtle left for days next on beach in Waveland MSDead Kemp's Ridley turtles on the Mississippi beaches, images I kept seeing on Facebook…

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    Blog Post  1662 days ago

    Return Trip to Site Where Oil Coming From Unknown Source Was Found Off Grand Island

     Emulsified oil 1/2 mile due south of Grande Isle on March 21st On March 21, I returned to Elmer's Island and Grand Isle, where the day before I photographed oil and oil sheen washing into Caminada Bay . The Coast Guard confirmed that there was oil on the water on March…

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    Blog Post  1662 days ago

    As One Year Anniversary of BP Disaster Approaches As More Oil Washes Up On The Gulf Coast

    Wildlife and Fishery Agents Check out Oil off Elmer's Island The mayor of Grand Isle, LA, held a press conference Sunday afternoon to say that reports of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, which started circulated on Friday, are heartbreakingly correct. Oil was spotted by fishermen, residents and members of,…

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    Blog Post  1667 days ago

    GREED- Common Ingredient in Compounding the Horror of Natural Disasters and Crushing Human Rights

    I will not being going to Japan to cover the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. The threat of radiation and living in fear of its consequences scares me. With Japan on my mind, I took a trip to the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, home of the National Data Buoy…

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