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    Blog Post  1598 days ago

    Dead Center

    The Times-Picayune ran an interesting, depressing piece on the New Orleans coroner’s office today. It details the inadequate staffing, substandard facilities, and general malaise that make up the smelly place we send bodies for examination. Our coroner, Frank Minyard, has run the place since 1974, and has apparently never felt…

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    Blog Post  1599 days ago


    Well, it’s been a while since I updated; I’ll try to do better. According to Harold Camping, civil engineer turned radio minister, the Rapture was supposed to begin sometime today. I expected to see driverless cars, pilotless planes, and unmanned mule carts crashing into things all over New Orleans. Alas,…

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    Blog Post  1758 days ago

    Disaster tourism

    In one of the oddest bits of tourism news in a long time, officials in Ukraine announced that they will open up the site of the Chernobyl disaster to visitors. And you thought that those tours of the devastation in the Lower Ninth were bad. Maybe we can lend Chernobyl…

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    Blog Post  1762 days ago

    Breaking news

    Okay. It’s been tough. I haven’t written anything here for over a week. My apologies for my absence. To get back on track, I offer this example of journalism from the Times-Picayune. What follows is the entire story as published on The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating a…

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    Blog Post  1768 days ago

    Posts resume Sunday

    My apologies for the lack of posting; work and other obligations have taken priority over my scribbling. I’ll resume posting on Sunday night. I just want to note that indictments have been handed down in the Jeremy Galmon murder. Let’s hope that, as in this case, more witnesses to violence…

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