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    Blog Post  1244 days ago

    Kato Address, Care Packages, and Letters

    Preservice Training (PST) is over and done with, and I'm a fully fledged Peace Corps Volunteer now. It's just about as hardcore as it sounds. I'm probably somewhere between “firefighter” and “superhero” on the spectrum of BadAssery, as are most Peace Corps Volunteers. It's unclear to me whether I totally…

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    Blog Post  1317 days ago

    I love getting mail. This will be my address until early April 2012.

    Rachael Kramas, PCTPeace CorpsPO Box 101192Georgetown, GuyanaSouth AmericaDate and NUMBER your letters- especially if you send me more than one, or anything semi-regular. These things get sent all over the damn place and rarely make it in any sensible order relative to when it was sent. After April, I'll be…

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