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    Blog Post  1993 days ago

    time for a trim

    It’s time to finally win the battle over free-flying chickens. Time to clip their wings…literally. When just a few wing feathers are clipped, chickens don’t have the power to fly high enough. I thought putting the fence up would keep them corralled, but almost every other day I open the…

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    Blog Post  2005 days ago

    gumbo cook-off

    Last October, the 2nd Bi-Annual Gumbo Cook-Off was held with much fanfare, and I’m just now getting to post about it. (Kate keeps pictures on her camera a loooong time.)  We called it the 2nd Bi-Annual Gumbo Cook-Off not only because we held our 1st Gumbo Cook off in the…

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    Blog Post  2008 days ago

    the flock’s okay

    Well, Evangeline got her first road trip today. Somehow, I got her in the cat carrier and took the trip out to Metairie and the Exotic Animal Vet. She complained the whole time. Dr. Pence was glad to meet her, and took some blood from under her wing (and agreed…

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    Blog Post  2018 days ago

    “dead chicken”

    That’s what I googled. I got home at 5:45pm and, with 15 minutes of daylight left, I discovered Vermillion dead in the back corner of the coop. I knew about diseases killing a whole flock, and I also knew I couldn’t leave her there all night, but I wasn’t sure…

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    Blog Post  2043 days ago

    rest in peace, Vermillion

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