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    Blog Post  1566 days ago

    Nagin and the Times-Pic

    This blog has often referred to Ray Nagin as Mayor Curly, because he's always been more of a clown and stooge than a leader.Now he's got a book that continues to prove that point.However, the Times-Picayune is helping itself or the cause of justice and reform by piling on at…

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    Blog Post  1596 days ago

    What it feels like . . .

    So Esquire magazine (one of my faves) has a regular feature called "What it feels like." I enjoy it.Here's one Orleanian's partial perspective on what it feels like to live in this amazing city at an amazing time:After complaining (along with other, better bloggers) so long that America, or at…

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    Blog Post  1598 days ago

    The People Who Know What They're Talking About Know We Are Not OK

    Here's Loyola New Orleans Professor David White, after a recent flyover of the wetlands:“Flying over the coast and the Mississippi Delta, it is a terrifying and powerful image because of what is no longer there and it proves to me that the city is more vulnerable to another significant storm…

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    Blog Post  1602 days ago

    As Things Stand, NOBS Could Well Be Right

    In the many months since my blogging activity trailed off, I've become a devotee of the New Orleans Bingo! Show. In my more enthralled moments, I don't think of them as the best artists working in New Orleans; I think of them as the ONLY artists working in New Orleans.…

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    Blog Post  1735 days ago

    Okay, NEXT?

    So the Saints lost today. Congrats, Seahawks.Should we tear down the levees? Should we reinstall Nagin as mayor? Should we resuscitate Harry Lee as Sheriff of the Chalmetairie Parish?No.We should continue to work. We should finish strong.This was a setback.As if 80 percent of our city flooded wasn't enough.This was…

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