Just saw The Tricky Part starring Kevin Ford at Byrdie's Gallery on St. Claude. Controversial but important material & convincing portrayal. 1544 days ago 

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Writer. Freelance audio journalist. Sound design. Performer. Content manager. That girl in the hat, biking the streets of New Orleans and often making omelets.



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    Aura //

    Were you signed out from your account over a certain period of time? How long from sign in to being signed out? Usually it is 2 hours unless you choose to remain signed in when you login.

    Really sorry about the loss of the post.

    We are setting up a system to cache anything you are doing on the site in case this happens again or the beware crashes for whatever reason.

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    Hey, it might have been a time-out issue, and I usually type things ahead of time and save them for those kinds of reasons, but of course I didn't this time. (d'oh!)