The Perfect Po-Boy  Tastes

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Big Fat oyster po boy

You get an oyster, and trade half of it with your friend who got roast beef. “Surf and turf” combo, can’t be beat.

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VERTI MART on ROYAL St. has a Po Boy Called “ALL THAT JAZZ
trombone shorty and i agree that thas the best po boy in the city.

grilled or fried shrimp/ham/cheese… fresh french bread. hmm. makin myself hungry

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Fried Shrimp Meets Fried Green Tomatoes

Hmm the best po-boy for me would be perfect soft French Bread. With just right fried shrimp and oysters. I actually would like fried green tomatoes with remoulade sauce on it as well! mmmmmm mmmmmmm

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Crabby Jack's, derf.

Poboys don’t get any better than Crabby Jacks. I’m sorry, but they don’t. The fried green tomato and shrimp remoulade is incredible, but so is the simple shrimp poboy. Beautiful batter, monstrously-generous portions, and a lively, family-style dining room make this rowdy rest’ rad.

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Parkway’s Shrimp po’boy of course! Mahoney’s Roast Beef is pretty great too.

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The Best is or shall I say Was Parasol's

Never had a bad one. Wish it was still open.

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The Best Po-Boy is the Messiest Po-Boy

The roast beef po-boy at Guy’s on Magazine is by far the best Po-Boy in the city. A Po-Boy’s value is contingent on the % of the po-boy that makes it on your lap.

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As a damn Yankee, I dream about this place all year long until I can get down to the Big Easy and get my fix.

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Po-Boy Festival

The 2010 New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival presented by Blue Plate Mayonnaise will feature three stages with live music, arts and crafts, a children’s section with games and prizes, panel discussions covering the history of the po-boy, a raffle for a jet ski and, of course, the best tasting po-boys in New Orleans.