Caring For Our Coast  Suggestions

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5 Lessons From the Oil Spill, Courtesy of TED

TED-affiliated conference
In true TED fashion, talks were brief and ranged from scientific breakdowns of the chemistry of oil in water to the performance of a piece of postmodern music inspired by the disaster in the Gulf. Here are the five most interesting ideas to emerge from the conference:
1. Invest in our oceans.
2. Don’t let BP hold all the cards.
3. Make the EPA more like the FDA.
4. Print warnings at the end of gas receipts, like on cigarette packs.
5. Replace offshore oil rigs with offshore wind farms.

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Send BP CEO Tony Hayward a Pink Slip

BP CEO Tony Hayward wants his life back. At least that’s what he told reporters last weekend. He didn’t mention the 11 souls lost or irreparable damage to America’s wetlands. Tony Hayward just wants his life back.

Well, I don’t exactly think Tony Hayward deserves a vacation, but I’m not going to stand in his way. I think it’s time for BP to fire Tony Hayward.

If you agree with me that Tony Hayward should be fired, please sign our pink slip!
From: Charlie Melancon

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Ride a Bicycle

It’s good for your spirit, your health, your pocket book, and OUR environment.

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Difficult Issue

1) Increase the liability exposure of Transocean and Haliburton.
2) Require safety reports, testing, and well management plans updated yearly.
3) Increase drilling in the gulf giving LA all offshore tax revenues to pay for coastal restoration and cleanup costs. With good safety requirements and the heavy self-regulating bound to occur after this disaster, the Gulf will probably be the safest place to drill in the world. Most of the lower parishes are severely opposed to stopping drilling. Why? Because the fishing industry is dead with all of the jobs that went with it, now they are talking about eliminating the only other source of employment in those parishes. It would be a double whammy.

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Boycott BP.

1. Boycott BP! Companies owned by BP include: ARCO, Castrol, Aral, am/pm, and Wild Bean Cafe. Click here for more info.

BP’s stock has already dropped to an 18-year low ( Let’s prove that this does matter!

And don’t worry that by boycotting, those seeking payouts will not receive them because they will. BP brought in over $200 billion in Sales & Operating revenue in 2009 (, more than enough to cover the current $1 billion in payouts.

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The Obvious

1. Stop talking about reducing our addiction to oil, which we’ve been talking about since the early 1970’s oil crisis and fund renewable energy research and implementation efforts

2. Prohibit drilling in the Gulf.

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