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Chocolate City

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In He said what?

I would love to have Jon discuss his chocolate city comments and all the other snafus when he opened his mouth and tried to act legit and one of the people.

Maybe they can splice together a best of reel.


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What should Ray Nagin talk about on the Daily Show?

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He said what?


  •   dumaine st.     0   Posted 1537 days ago 

    "Ya know, it keeps the New Orleans brand out there"
    Ray Nagin, circa 2007, on murders in New Orleans. Unreal this guy.

  •   boathead     0   Posted 1537 days ago 

    Since the "Chocolate City" comment and his subsequent reelection, has he talked much with Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton (who were both with him at the time of that comment).

  •   boathead     0   Posted 1537 days ago 

    Could we find a clip from his first bid for mayor, where he promised us a streamlined IT department at city hall? How does he reconcile that campaign promise with the subsequent failure of servers and total loss of email archives?

  •   ewellus     0   Posted 1537 days ago 

    Would he characterize his administration as more corrupt or more incompetent?