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I will finally see Treme tonight, in the meantime I’ve been thinking that the whole nation, and by extension the entire planet, can benefit from seeing the lifestyle that is portrayed in the show: how for instance in NOLA there is the living tradition of communal rituals that break down stagnated social barriers.
NOLA is the heart of the nation, and the music and dance that it produces is its soul.
Think of it, to a great majority of religious bigots in the world — the same people who consider Americans their enemy — to be a New Orleanian would be against the law.


Barometers are interactive features set up to ascertain the local temperature around various issues.


How well did the writers, actors and producers of the HBO series accurately portray New Orleans?

Feel free to comment on location, dialect, cultural accuracy and everything else that strikes you as significant.

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  •   humidhaney     0   Posted 1964 days ago 

    So what did you think?

  •   kdavidcook     0   Posted 1964 days ago 

    well, I swallowed it whole: hook, line and sinker!
    I watched it at aa old classmate of yours, Scott Bellina's apartment in the East Village. It was an interesting setting: big screen TV, a German guy named Ziggy, and a gal from east Texas, all who added an extra, much needed, sound track of commentary. From the first close-up and brass note in the opening sequence, I was hooked!
    Whether or not it is authentic, does it really matter? The whole effect is of a very high level of sophistication, in my opinion, the camera work especially. The cohesiveness of the production effort really comes off, as if everyone involved, from the actors to the Treme through the actors, have elevated this show to a true work of art. Wendell and I went to elementary school together at Mildred Osborne, and even though I haven't spoken to him since then, man I just want to hang out with him, smokin' a joint around a barbecue...I have to agree with Kermit -- yeah, "that i'll do."

  •   kdavidcook     0   Posted 1964 days ago 

    sorry bout the typos...