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But will the folks in Ohio care?

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After watching the 1st episode of the series I was left feeling like I had just watched my street, my town, my people. It was so good there was little I could really find wrong. But . . .

I wonder what folks outside of our experience might think?

Do they need subtitles? Did they scratch their heads at the black man dressed as the Native American? Do they care enough for the show to be a success?

If they develop the characters like the Wire we will see more seasons and it will be a success.


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How well did the writers, actors and producers of the HBO series accurately portray New Orleans?

Feel free to comment on location, dialect, cultural accuracy and everything else that strikes you as significant.

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  •   shercole     0   Posted 1964 days ago 

    Yea. I loved the show. but after watching I wonder how outsiders see it and yes they may need subtitles.

  •   gboxer     0   Posted 1964 days ago 

    I felt the same way! I felt like there was too much plot and too little explanation for someone outside of New Orleans. But hopefully, they'll continue to watch, and even more hopeful, the show will provide accurate portrayals.

  •   TimG     0   Posted 1963 days ago 

    I'm FROM here and wanted subtitles! Next time I'll look for that button on my remote. :-)