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Flanagan's Christmas Special 2008 - Good King Wenceslas

This is how New Orleans does Christmas.

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Flanagan's Christmas Special 2007

The first Flanagan’s Christmas Special. A very weird and wonderful rendition of Little Drummer Boy, as performed by Andy Overslaugh and Jameson King featuring Noisician Coalition

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Flanagan's Pub's Christmas Variety Show

4th annual. A lot of inside jokes? Yes. But still funny? Oh yes.

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Flanagan's Christmas Special Third Annual 2009

Really, all of the Flanagan’s Christmas Specials are my favorites, because they involve my favorite people.

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12 Yats of Christmas

Christmas New Orleans style is as unique as the city itself. If you live somewhere else for a short period of time, like I did, you will miss the culture that is only found here. Our way of life is totally different and special. Our original style is expressed by the 12 Yats of Christmas

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Christmas Snow

It was a damn good day.

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Louis Armstrong - Z'at You, Santa Claus

Satchmo was just as jolly as Santa.

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